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Visitors, travelers, aspiring real estate investors, and property owners – warm wishes from Ibiza VIP Area. We couldn’t be happier than to have you exploring the service offerings here. Rest assured, as we have something for everyone. From exotic properties for buying, renting, and selling to a team of experienced property managers in Ibiza, you can trust us for all your real estate needs.

And that’s not all. As a leading platform offering VIP services in Ibiza, we cater to your unique rental requirements to the T. Whether you’re looking for luxury car rentals in Ibiza to explore island or wish to rent yachts at fantastic rates, we have you covered.

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Looking for a villa by the beach? Or do you want experts looking after your piso? Perhaps you’re looking for a luxurious stay at a vacation rental. Consider Ibiza VIP Area your go-to place for real estate and property management. You might come to enjoy the scenery, but you’ll take a lifetime of moments with you – so much so that you won’t feel like going home. That’s what visitors say when departing the White Island. A major part of this experience goes to the exceptional customer service we’ve put together. Not to mention the hassle-free experience of securing your dream property without you moving a muscle. So, what do you say to joining us for a cup of coffee?


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We’ve had the pleasure of serving a worldwide clientele, but nothing beats getting appreciated for our work.

Thank you dear Johnny and Varinia for such a smooth process and such great service. They are always so friendly, responsive and would definitely recommend everyone their services/properties as a place to call home in Ibiza.

Veronica Antonino

We had a great vacation with the Services from Johny and the HoyHoy team! From A to Z the experience was outstanding. From the villa, to boat and car rental everything was perfect! We would advice HoyHoy to everyone. And this coming from a family that has 20 years Ibiza experience.

Dennis de Jonge

We have already had a fantastic stay in a villa three times through HoyHoyIbiza and have had a great time each time. The service is top notch and the accommodations are perfect.

Gerrit de Boer

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Whether you’re interested in the old Ibiza Town or the ever-awake San Antonio, we’ll assist you in discovering areas worth spending a vacation in. We also have properties in the beautiful San Jose and San Juan that you can book without going through many formalities.

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No matter your needs, we can offer personalized services to match your preferences. Reach out to discuss how we can make your Ibiza experience worthwhile.