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Teqball: The Game of This Generation

Human beings are very complex individuals. Many people indulge in different kinds of sport or other hobbies that they have in their leisure time. These people like to keep themselves active and fit. Indulging in sports is the best way to optimize their mind and body in unison. Different kinds of sports are helpful for people to achieve this goal in their life. 

Each type of sport is getting modified and updated on a day-to-day basis. For example, nowadays a new kind of game has been introduced by combining table tennis and football. This game is called teqballIf you want to play teqball, you should consider renting it from Teqball Rent Ibiza.


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€125 per day minimum 3 days
€100 per day minimum 6 days

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    Teqball needn’t bother with a great deal of hardware, simply a soccer ball and a Teqball table available at Teqball Rent Ibiza. However, a size five soccer ball is the authority proposal, except if you’re anticipating entering the Teqball World Cup, you can utilize whatever soccer ball you like. The creators of Teqball planned the guidelines for two, three, or four players.
    • • Teqball Singles: Two players
    • • Canadian Doubles: Three players (2 vs. 1)
    • • Doubles: Four players

    You can likewise rent a solitary player Teqball table from Teqball Rent Ibiza, assuming you need to use the game to rehearse your soccer abilities alone. You can generally play with more individuals around a customary table. Teqball is, however, as flexible as you may be.

    The General Rules of the Game are as Follows:

    • • Teqball follows a factors-primarily based totally on a particular scoring layout and is performed over a game of 3 units or sets as it is called in the game.
    • • With every set performed till a player or the group reaches 12 factors or points.
    • • The very last decisive set has to be gained with the aid of having a minimum of two-point margin.
    • • Players have to transfer the side they are playing from after every set, and the time among each unit or group has to now no longer exceed one minute.
    • • In the very last decisive set, each player or the group has to transfer side at 6/12/18 factors reached with the points scored by the team in the lead.
    • • The game is started with a service, with the player or the group having only two tries to finish a successful service.

    These are some basic rules of the game. The game is a bit more complex than what is written here. The two primary components required to play the game of teqball are a teqball table which you can rent from Teqball Rent Ibiza and a football or as it is called here teqball. This game has gained recognition recently, and several key players are endorsing it as a top new sport.


    • Playing sport is the best way one can optimize their body and mind. There are several types of games present. Each game is being modified daily, and new games are coming each day. One new match is teqball. In this article, we talked about what teqball is and how it is played in a small amount.



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