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Ibiza VIP Area is created as a response to all wishes and necessities of VIP Ibiza visitors. Our company is a provider of all-inclusive services on Ibiza, designed to meet all the needs of our clients. Apart from offering luxury yacht charter, luxury cars, VIP limousine, wedding and event planning, VIP Concierge Service, and a private jet, Ibiza VIP Area provides expert real estate services on Ibiza. 

We rent luxury villas on Ibiza during all seasons. You can rent a luxury villa at a convenient price and enjoy every minute on Ibiza. Our luxury villas are fully-furnished, aesthetically pleasant and extremely comfortable! As our client, you will get a private chef, private driver, personal trainer, personal shopper, personal security, and VIP tables in all clubs! 



Ibiza is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world with over 7 million visitors per year! Wonderful beaches, wild nightlife, perfect climate and luxury are the main associations to Ibiza. As a relatively small island, Ibiza is full of natural wonders and attractions that make this place unique and remarkable. 

Ibiza is a favorite getaway of celebrities and people that look for luxury places that are crowded and peaceful at the same time. You can have a peaceful day on Ibiza with a yacht charter and the wildest night at a VIP nightclub! Here, it’s only you who decides how much fun you want to have. Apart from partying through the day and night, you can visit the old town, traditional villages, enjoy sightseeing, eat delicious seafood, rent a boat to Formentera or simply enjoy at your luxury villa on Ibiza. 


Real Estate

Ibiza VIP Area is a reputable company with experience and knowledge in real estate market on Ibiza. In collaboration with the best contractors, builders, and architects, we developed premium real estate services on Ibiza. While we can construct a wide spectrum of properties, Ibiza VIP Area mostly focuses on luxury villas on Ibiza.

Our Ibiza Real Estate services:

Ibiza VIP Area can construct a house on Ibiza, renovate a home on Ibiza and maintain a villa on Ibiza. Our architects, builders, electricians and plumbers will complete all construction works and technical works of your luxury villa on Ibiza.

We rent luxury villas on Ibiza in amazing locations, with beautiful views, large pools, and away from the public eye! You can browse our Ibiza luxury villas for rent on or request a discrete luxury villa listing without public advertising.

Create a steady income by renting out your luxury villa on Ibiza. We will find trustworthy tenants, maintain your property, present periodic reports, collect payments and deposit funds to your account! While you remain the sole house owner, our company will complete the rental tasks for you on a daily basis. 

Premium property management on Ibiza that ensures constant vigilance, repair and maintenance of your luxury villa on Ibiza. With our property management services, Ibiza VIP Area will be in charge of your entire property 24/7.

Our Ibiza property managers will assist you in buying a luxury villa on Ibiza under the best conditions! We will find a perfect luxury villa on Ibiza for you and complete the administrative matters on your behalf. Ibiza VIP Area will prepare the whole property purchase process quickly. All you need to do is contact us, wait for a few days and move into your luxury villa on Ibiza



Please, take a look and feel free to contact us. Our expert property managers in Ibiza are ready to get started and look forward to working with you to provide the quality and professional service you’re looking for.

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We make our clients feel the luxury of Ibiza with the VIP Concierge service. Our VIP Concierge is tailored to the necessities of our clients and facilitates every day you spend on Ibiza! As a VIP, you will receive all the benefits of our services. You won’t have to look for different service providers as we will cover all your activities and day-to-day needs!

Our Ibiza VIP Concierge includes:

Earn hours of your busy schedule with high-class private jet On Ibiza. At Ibiza VIP Area, you can select a business jet, executive jet on Ibiza, Ibiza airliner or helicopter on Ibiza.

Use our VIP limousine on Ibiza and arrive at every event on Ibiza with style and prestige. Thanks to the state-of-art of our large VIP Limousine, the party will start on the road to the actual event!

Host the wedding of your dreams on Ibiza with the help of our team of perfectionists. Beautiful venues will make your wedding even more magical than you could imagine! Also, you can host a party or MICE on Ibiza as our respected client and we will gladly assist you.

Sail to Formentera, Es Vedrà or Ses Illetes with a sailboat charter, a motor yacht or a large luxury yacht. Explore the beauty and mystery of the island while savoring delicious food and drinks!

Test the latest models of luxury cars on Ibiza as our client. Feel the adrenaline and passion that only true car lovers can understand and drive around Ibiza glamorously!

Let us be your partner and make your life on Ibiza comfortable and luxurious!


Yacht charter


Ibiza VIP Area provides an all-inclusive yacht charter on Ibiza that includes the accommodation for all guests; first-class food and drink, fuel costs and water sport activities. 

You will enjoy a marvelous yacht tour around the Ibiza and Formentera coastline, accompanied by the best yacht service on IbizaIbiza sightseeing will be an experience that you will never forget. 


Ibiza VIP Area is a reputable company with experience and knowledge in real estate market on Ibiza.