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Real Estate

The mission of our company is to provide every real estate service on Ibiza that our respected clients may need. To make that true, we established strong connections with an extensive list of real estate specialists on Ibiza. In collaboration with world-class architects, builders, electricians, and plumbers, we created an extraordinary Architecture and Design service on Ibiza. 

Whether you have a construction plan or just an idea, contact the Ibiza VIP Area team for a consultation. We will find the best Ibiza construction and Ibiza renovation solutions for your property. In collaboration with professional contractors on Ibiza, Ibiza VIP Area will bring the technical and aesthetic levels of your house to the highest level. 

Ibiza VIP Area Architecture and Design consists of:

  • Home Construction on Ibiza
  • Home Refurbishment on Ibiza
  • Home Renovation on Ibiza

Ibiza VIP Area services and consultancy include the architectural plan of your house on Ibiza; production of technical floor plans; installation of innovative lighting and sound systems; assistance with the application for a building license on Ibiza, among other services. 

Do not put any limits on how much work you want Ibiza VIP Area to do for you. Whether you want us to build a house from the ground up on Ibiza or you want us to renovate your home on Ibiza, do not hesitate to call us. We can reconstruct the bedroom, living room, bathroom, walls, floors, façade, staircase, rooftop or just any part of your house. 

Thanks to the team of expert contractors on Ibiza, our home remodeling receives extraordinary feedback from our clients! We are also proud to make our island even more attractive with all the luxury houses on Ibiza that we built successfully. Hopefully, your home on Ibiza will be the next project Ibiza VIP Area will proudly show off! 

Upgrade your house in Ibiza style! Represent the luxury of our island with an attractive, prestigious design of your home on Ibiza!



Contact Ibiza VIP Area and book your consultation for our home construction and home renovation service on Ibiza! Our Architecture and Design service on Ibiza is available for all residential, retail and commercial projects on Ibiza.